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Starting a two-week experiment with Cameron’s morning pages

BlurredFootI’m stuck in bed, mainly, wearing a purple cast and not allowed to put an ounce of weight on my leg for five weeks after surgery last month to repair a damaged Achilles tendon. And oddly, it’s not just my leg that isn’t moving: my brain seems dead as well. This isn’t unusual after surgery, I’ve found; the New York Times health writer Jane Brody wrote an article about how she couldn’t write a word for nearly four months after her knee replacement. My working theory? That all the blood in my body is going to my leg, leaving nothing to fuel my poor mushy brain.

Yesterday, however, I came across Julia Cameron’s famous morning pages: how have I been a writer so long without hearing about these before? In any case, I decided to start a two-week experiment with them:  to see how they may be different than Natalie Goldberg’s freewriting,  to see if it truly matters whether you write them out by hand, and mostly, to see if they help jump start my stalled brain. If you are interested, here is my blog post about them over at Spontaneous Combustion.