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Ditching the morning pages for something different

The purple cast is gone, thank goodness. Although it took much longer than I anticipated to be functional again on my poor right leg—and there is still a long way to go before I can get that calf muscle back to full strength. May you never hurt your Achilles tendon!

But I think the post-op brain fog I wrote about last time has finally dissipated, at least enough for me to put up a new post over at Spontaneous Combustion about my experiment with Julia Cameron’s morning pages. Two weeks turned into a month before I stopped. And although there were aspects of the practice that I liked, I ultimately concluded that it was a failure, at least for my purposes.

So now I’m changing the experiment, mulling over my own twist on freewriting that might work better to achieve my personal writing goal—which is to end each writing session with a piece of useable prose, a decent first draft, not just rambling “word salad.” Join me over at Spontaneous Combustion to share in the experiment.