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Honored to be the guest expert on POV in a new book

Here is where I have been lucky enough to escape for the past three weeks.

© Photo by author

© Photo by Nancy Butts

Sadly, it didn’t take long to get sucked back into the stressful routine of chores, errands, and deadlines once I returned to the real world. I call this dreaded period of time after a vacation “re-entry” syndrome, and I’ve got it bad.

A bit of good news has helped ease my re-entry a teensy bit, however. I am excited to announce that I’ve got a chapter in a new book by fellow ICL instructor Chris Eboch. It’s called You Can Write for Children, and she was kind enough to designate me the guest “expert” on POV, using some material from the six-part web series I published here. I am so honored to be included, and hope you will check out the book. Chris’ other book on writing, Advanced Plotting, is one I have long recommended to clients and students.