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At long last: that article on multiple POV!

I can’t believe that I’ve let eight months go by without the long-promised third installment in my series on demystifying POV, but it’s here! I just posted my article, “Fight Club: Multiple POV Fights Back” both here on the website and on my blog as well.

I appreciate your patience; over the past several months everything from knee surgery to the holidays to a never-ending onslaught of editing work combined to keep me from continuing this series on viewpoint. It’s a subject that fascinates me, and seems to confuse my writing students and clients, which is why I was inspired to undertake it.

I’m excited about this article because I finally found a way to let multiple POV stand up for itself. As you all know, I’m a staunch single POV kind of girl, so it was hard for me to let go of that prejudice and find a rationale for ever using multiple viewpoint. I did, however—in the form of four middle grade novels which use multiple POV to good effect. Although I don’t think I’ll ever like multiple POV as much as I do single viewpoint, these four books—Wonder, Because of Mr. Terupt, Every Soul a Star, and A Tangle of Knots—went a long way to soften my stubborn stance.

I promise the fourth article in the Demystifying POV series won’t take so long to appear. I’m already researching the next installment, which will explore Deep POV.

Mini-review of Kindle Paperwhite on my blog

Things have been quiet here on the website since I released my new book, Spontaneous Combustion, two weeks ago—but only because the rest of my life has been so busy, between all the hubbub and the gratifying response to the book launch, teaching, celebrating two family birthdays, writing a couple of freelance articles, and immersing myself in the middle grade novel I’m trying to finish this summer. For details, swing over to my blog or my Facebook Author page.

I promise to update this website soon with a new article for the Free Wisdom page. But in the meantime, here’s a link to a mini-review I posted on my blog about the new Kindle Paperwhite in my life. I’ve tried and failed three times before to like a Kindle (or any other e-reader, for that matter). Though I did appreciate the lack of glare with e-ink screens in bright sunlight—where I do a lot of my reading here in the sub-tropics—I found e-readers to be too dim and lacking in both contrast and clarity when reading indoors. [Despite its long windows, my 1880s-era Victorian cottage is plagued with shadows.] So sadly, each Kindle was returned to Amazon.

But after getting an iPad Mini, I discovered how much I liked reading on its crisp, clear, backlit screen. It’s readable night and day, indoors and out, as long as I stay in the shade. But there was enough glare on the Mini’s screen that I decided to give Kindles one more chance, even though they had already had taken their three swings and struck out as far as I was concerned. So I sprang for a Kindle Paperwhite, fully prepared to send it back, too. But to my surprise, I like it a lot. If you’ve been straddling the fence yourself about an e-reader, see my blog post for more details.