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When you write, please include your full name and contact information, especially the email address you’d like me to use when responding. But equally important, tell me a little about both yourself and  your book. What is the genre of your story? By that I mean the age range you are targeting, and what kind of book it is: fantasy, sci fi, historical fiction, contemporary drama, humor, action/adventure, mystery, or some engaging mix of several of those things. So for example you might tell me you are writing a YA fantasy, a middle grade historical fiction, or a non-fiction picture book for children aged 4 to 6.

I’m also interested in who you are, how you came to write this particular book, and what its history is so far. You don’t have to write a 400-page memoir; just a few paragraphs would be great. Also, let me know what your writing background is. Don’t worry; it doesn’t matter if the only thing you’ve ever written before is a grocery list. But maybe you’ve written poems since you were in junior high, or kept a journal or blog, or acted as the high school yearbook editor,  or church newsletter. Maybe you’ve got an agent or been published before. It’s all relevant.

It’s important for me to know the word count of your manuscript: not the page count, since that will vary widely depending on how you’ve formatted your manuscript. It’s the word count that will help me give you an educated guesstimate of how much time—and thus how much money—it will take for me to edit your book.

Finally, let me know what your dreams are for this book. Not everyone has the same goal in mind when they sit down to write. Some people want to get a high-powered agent and a multi-book contract with one of the Big Six Publishers in New York; others want to independently publish their books on their own; and some simply want to learn how to write their story in the best way possible. Knowing your hopes for your book helps me to tailor my edit especially for you.

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