Diving deep into POV: fourth article in viewpoint series is finally live!

I always seem to be reporting some new crisis that has kept me from updating this website or my blog as often as I would like: excuses, excuses, right? So I won’t go on about how the month of July was lost in the antiseptic halls of UVA Hospital where my mother had lumbar fusion surgery.

She’s home now recovering, and I’m back at my desk, at least for the next couple of weeks. So here is the next article in my series on viewpoint, a subject which seems to fascinate me endlessly. This installment is on Deep POV, with a great example from the gifted children’s author Gary D. Schmidt. Please check it out, either at my blog or here on the website.

I’m not sure how many more articles I will write for this series; every time I think, “Just one more,” I get ideas for a couple more pieces. All I know now is that the next aspect of viewpoint I’d like to write about is omniscient narration. It’s got the reputation of being old-fashioned, so that’s what I’d like to explore.

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