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If you are fortunate enough to have a critique group, an honest and experienced reader among your family and friends, or an editor like Thomas Wolfe’s legendary Maxwell Perkins, you may not need me. But for those who do feel as if they could use a Sherpa guide to help them safely summit the Everest of their books, let me explain how I can help.

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I offer a full range of manuscript editing services for all ages and genres, from picture books through YA novels. My specialty is developmental edits; I enjoy reading a manuscript to help writers shape all aspects of their books. This involves an intensive line edit along with a detailed editorial letter that can run over twenty pages! However, since I charge by the hour [$50], this does cost more, so I’m also happy to work within your budget. You tell me what you can afford to spend, and I can tailor my edit to your needs. I can do what I call a “big picture” overview of your work, with minimal line editing and a less extensive editorial letter, but one that still analyzes the major elements of your book, such as plot, characterization, pace, prose style, narrative structure, and theme. This takes less time and hence costs less.

Copy editing is a separate service. As this is quite labor and time-intensive, please contact me to discuss rates.

There are many excellent manuscript editors out there with whom you could choose to work. What I try to do that may be different is to fully immerse myself in the world of your book, as you hope readers will do one day. This sounds flaky, but my goal is to invite your characters into my life and walk around with them for as long as it takes to get to know them well. In the process, I get to know you as a writer, too. This helps me respond to your book on several levels, and I hope to offer all sorts of constructive and supportive guidance on how you can bring your book as close as possible to that shining dream you had when you began.

To start the process of polishing your manuscript, please click this link to my Contact page, this link to my introductory edit offer, or email me at strawspinnerATgmail.com.

[Replace the AT with the standard @ symbol when emailing; sorry for the confusion, but this is to try and foil the spambots.]

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