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I hope to update this page regularly. My goal is to develop a library of articles here about different aspects of the craft of writing a book. And if you’d like to print a PDF of any article for your personal reference, simply click on the green Print PDF button and voilà!

Click on the links below to read the articles, or select them via dropdown menu under “Free Wisdom” in the navigation toolbar at the top of each page.

Pirate code disclaimer

Quick tips

Channeling your characters: an exercise in voice

Demystifying POV: six-part series on viewpoint

The perils of preaching

Don’t let disaster set you back: backup!

Cross-training: radical therapy for writer’s block

Proofread on your iPad or Kindle [Sorry! Removed 5.11.13 until after it’s published in the SCBWI Bulletin. ]

Literary tics: repetition in writing 

Perfection: the graveyard where writers go to die

Quotation addiction

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