Libromania! Or how I killed my Kindle

I’m trying to be better about updating my blog and website more regularly. [But I remain a Facebook grump and refuse to worry about my author page that much.] I just added a quick new post to my blog today about the obsessive reading I’ve been doing lately, and how it may have killed my Kindle.

© Photo by Nancy Butts

© Photo by Nancy Butts

I’m joking, but my Paperwhite did burn itself out yesterday—and I have been doing a lot of reading the past several weeks, discovering many wonderful “new” middle grade and YA authors in the process, such as Gary D. Schmidt and Kenneth Oppel. Fly over to my blog and sign the memorial book for my late lamented Kindle.

Again, just joking—and Amazon is kindly sending a free replacement, so let the libromania continue!

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