Limping along, literally. But at least I got in a quote

“Pain Brain”—that’s what I call it. Or sometimes I refer to it as “post-op brain fog.” Either way, as I’ve learned over the past 48 months and five—count ’em, FIVE—surgeries, your body isn’t the only thing that needs time to recover after an operation. And from what I’d read, I was bracing myself for several months of mental muddle and creative coma after I had a total knee replacement five weeks ago. [New York Times health writer Jane Brody said she couldn’t write a word for four months.]

However, the medical folks keep telling me that I’m making a ridiculously fast recovery physically—so much so that I’ve gone ahead and scheduled the second op in early December. Gulp! Plus I’ve edited two novels and a picture book in the past two weeks, and my clients say I actually made sense, so maybe my brain is recovering, too.

You can judge for yourself. My friend and fellow writer Christine Kohler, author of the YA historical novel No Surrender Soldier, quoted me today over at the UncommonYA blog in a piece about the value to writers of keeping an emotions journal. She’s the one with all the wisdom; I was just flattered that she asked me to chime in.

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