Recovering from surgery yet again

I’m recovering from knee surgery six days ago—my third surgery in just 25 months. As I say in my new blog post over on Spontaneous Combustion, I often think I should find the mad scientists who gave Wolverine his adamantine skeleton and get one for myself.

And check out my Transformer crutches. I turn heads when I hobble down the street, and not in a good way either—I know I look weird, but these crutches are so much easier to use than the axillary ones they dispense in physical therapy.


I’m using the downtime to do lots of reading, including a wondrous speech by Neil Gaiman about the obligations of those of us who write fiction for kids. I’ve written a short blog post about it, but if you don’t make it over there, here’s a direct link. Do yourself a tremendous favor and read it!

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