Sooner than I’d hoped: second article in POV series is here!

As I sit here awaiting a group conference call with four editors and a host of my fellow wizards on another fast-and-furious book project for an educational publisher, I couldn’t settle down to work on my novel. I realize this is a major character flaw for a writer, but I need a huge clear zone of “headspace” in order to concentrate on fiction. Whereas as a former newspaper reporter, I learned how to write non-fiction anywhere, anytime, no matter what natural disaster or manmade calamity was raging around me.

So a lot sooner than I’d hoped, today I was able to post the second installment in my series on demystifying POV. It will probably be at least two or three weeks before I am able to write #3, but for now, I hope you enjoy Confessions of a Single-POV Puritan.

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