Spontaneous Combustion is here!

I finally managed to pry the manuscript out of my fearful perfectionist hands, and hit the “publish” button. My first indie project, Spontaneous Combustion, is now officially a book! I’d set my birthday as a deadline, to force myself to finally let go of after revising and proofing it umpteen times. And I just made the deadline: whew!

BookCoverImageIt’s more of a why-to book on writing than a how-to; a kind of tent revival for writers in the creative doldrums. I hope the book follows its own advice: to see the worth and meaning in what we do as writers without taking ourselves too seriously in the process. So I mock myself, and make some unusual suggestions in the book that I’m fairly sure you won’t find in any other book on writing. [See chapters 7 and 8 for these.]

It should be available for download tonight [April 21st] as a Kindle book, with the print version arriving on Amazon by the end of the week. But if you have trouble finding it, please use the contact form on the website to let me know, or email me directly at strawspinner@gmail.com.

I’ve already had my first request for a Nook version. Because I’m participating in what Amazon calls the Kindle Select program, I can’t sell the e-book anywhere else: not even on my own website. Sorry Nook and iPad users (of which I am one myself). But the exclusivity only lasts 90 days, so I’ll have the option then to move back to the regular Kindle program, which would permit me to sell anywhere, including Barnes and Noble and the iTunes bookstore.

So if you are interested in a Nook or iPad version, please fill out the contact form and let me know. In the meantime, you can always read the Kindle version using one of Amazon’s free Kindle reading apps, or even online in your web browser using Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader. Since I chose not to use DRM protection on the Kindle version, you can also use a piece of freeware called Calibre to convert it to a form that you can then load onto your Nook or iPad. So no one should be left out in the cold.

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