Try my new method to prime your writing pump

When I started this experiment in techniques to jump-start my writing back in December, I didn’t intend for it to be anything more than a way to send a jolt of electricity through my post-op brain and get my writing neurons firing again. But when I discovered that neither Julia Cameron’s morning pages nor Natalie Goldberg’s freewriting were targeted enough to achieve what I wanted, I brewed my own method that I call Priming the Pump. You can read about my entire experiment in three parts over on my blog, Spontaneous Combustion.

My pump has certainly been primed. Not only did I finally plot my way through the second half of my middle grade novel, but I also started churning out chapters. I also produced the blog post mentioned above, and I finally started drafting the fifth installment of my web series on POV. I hope to finally get the long-promised article on omniscient POV published here before the end February. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

And in the meantime, I’ve got the Readers Digest Condensed Version of my Priming the Pump method available here on a new page I’m calling Featured Writing Tips. If you try this method, I would love to hear your comments. Post them over on my blog, or email me here. I hope it’s as fruitful for you has it has already been for me!


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