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Two in a row: article on cross-training is live

I’m setting an un-repeatable precedent for myself here, but this makes two new articles in under 24 hours. I just published a piece on what I call cross-training for writers. Take a look.

Cross-training: radical therapy for writer’s block

New article on backing up to avoid disaster

Last Monday we were without power for seven hours due to yet another severe March thunderstorm. As I packed my emergency tornado bag with the Macbook Air that I could not bear to be without if my house were blown down around me, I was inspired to write this article about what you can do to avoid losing your work if disaster strikes. It’s a bit geekier than my other articles: sorry! But it outlines some simple and free steps you can take to backup your writing. I hope it helps.

Don’t let disaster set you back; back up!

I’m working on two more articles at the moment, one on what I call cross-training and the other on literary tics. Not sure which will be the first to go up, but I’ll let you know.

Coming soon: secret project

I hope to have some interesting news here soon about a secret project I’m working on now. I’m excited about it, to the point where I wrote 12,000 words in just three days last week. That is a complete departure from my usual glacial writing pace. But I’ve learned that I need to let fevered manuscripts like this cool down for a bit, so I can look back at them with detachment later and see what needs to be revised. Still, I’m optimistic that I will have more news to share in weeks, not months.