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Recovering from surgery yet again

I’m recovering from knee surgery six days ago—my third surgery in just 25 months. As I say in my new blog post over on Spontaneous Combustion, I often think I should find the mad scientists who gave Wolverine his adamantine skeleton and get one for myself.

And check out my Transformer crutches. I turn heads when I hobble down the street, and not in a good way either—I know I look weird, but these crutches are so much easier to use than the axillary ones they dispense in physical therapy.


I’m using the downtime to do lots of reading, including a wondrous speech by Neil Gaiman about the obligations of those of us who write fiction for kids. I’ve written a short blog post about it, but if you don’t make it over there, here’s a direct link. Do yourself a tremendous favor and read it!

My neurotic need for redundancy finally pays off

I apologize for the long silence. After a summer tsunami of work—culminating in a four-book project for educational publisher Amplify—I needed a break. So I snuck off for a week-long sabbatical.

Upon my return, look what I found!


This is the title of an article I wrote on computer backups that was just published in the October 2013 edition of the electronic magazine Children’s Writer. Seeing my name in print again is great inspiration to shift back into full work mode again.

And it tickles me because my husband has long teased  that my obsession with backing up everything I write, not just to one place but to several, amounts to a “neurotic need for redundancy.” At long last my neurosis had paid off—in an article sale.