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Rebel with a cause?

It has been a long time since I updated this website. I still haven’t finished that series on POV on my Free wisdom page [I have begun to think it’s because I am so biased against multiple POV that I can’t make myself write a defense of it!].

But it goes beyond that. It’s almost as if I’ve been actively rebelling against the pressure on writers to “build their brand,” or whatever the expression is; to promote themselves relentlessly using social media. I’m just not into that. I’m not against it either, but it feels like a tremendous drain on creative energy and resources, not to mention time, that is already in perilously short supply for me, and for most writers.

Maybe that’s what I need to write about over on Free wisdom: an article about finding a balance between the need to focus on craft and the pressure to promote.

But not today. What I have written is a post over on my blog about silence, and what it means to me as a writer. I wish I could say I’d come to some grand epiphany about it that would help all writers everywhere, but no. Maybe it will speak to you anyway.