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At long last: that article on multiple POV!

I can’t believe that I’ve let eight months go by without the long-promised third installment in my series on demystifying POV, but it’s here! I just posted my article, “Fight Club: Multiple POV Fights Back” both here on the website and on my blog as well.

I appreciate your patience; over the past several months everything from knee surgery to the holidays to a never-ending onslaught of editing work combined to keep me from continuing this series on viewpoint. It’s a subject that fascinates me, and seems to confuse my writing students and clients, which is why I was inspired to undertake it.

I’m excited about this article because I finally found a way to let multiple POV stand up for itself. As you all know, I’m a staunch single POV kind of girl, so it was hard for me to let go of that prejudice and find a rationale for ever using multiple viewpoint. I did, however—in the form of four middle grade novels which use multiple POV to good effect. Although I don’t think I’ll ever like multiple POV as much as I do single viewpoint, these four books—Wonder, Because of Mr. Terupt, Every Soul a Star, and A Tangle of Knots—went a long way to soften my stubborn stance.

I promise the fourth article in the Demystifying POV series won’t take so long to appear. I’m already researching the next installment, which will explore Deep POV.