Preliminary edit offer

I understand how much your work means to you as a writer, and I appreciate the leap of faith it takes to entrust your work to someone you’ve never met. It’s also a big financial investment as well. So if after reviewing this website, checking out my books on Amazon, and visiting my profile at the SCBWI website, you still aren’t sure, I would encourage you to contact me about a preliminary edit.

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* For fiction for all ages, I will do a sample edit of the first 2,500 words for $50. Note that I look at word count rather than the number of pages, since that can vary depending on how you’ve formatted your manuscript. But with today’s trend towards shorter chapters, 2,500 words should be one or possibly two chapters, even in a YA novel.

* For non-fiction books, I will do a sample edit of the first 2,000 words, along with a review of your bibliography and research plan, for $50. Your bibliography is often the first thing a non-fiction editor will look at, so this is pivotal. [Bibliographies are also key for writers of historical fiction.]

Should you choose to continue working with me on a full edit, the amount paid for the preliminary edit will be credited towards your final balance.

* For picture books, the situation is somewhat different. Since they are shorter—ideally under a thousand words—I am usually able to complete a full edit of an entire manuscript in two hours. So it doesn’t really work to try and do a preliminary edit. Sorry!

To start the process of polishing your manuscript—or simply to get in touch and start a conversation about your book—please click this link to my Contact page, or email me at
[Replace the AT with the standard @ symbol when emailing; sorry for the confusion, but this is to try and foil the spambots.]



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